Windows Protection Booster


If you're seeing popups and alerts from a program called Windows Protection Booster, back away from the keyboard, take a deep breath, and make sure your credit card is far away. Windows Protection Booster is a fake program designed to scare you into handing over money, and that's what all these popups are about. Try to ignore them, because they are nothing but a hollow scare … [Read more...]

Windows Antivirus Helper


Windows Antivirus Helper is the latest in a never-ending line of fake antispyware programs that get released every few under slightly different names. This particular group of badware programs have been coming out steadily over the last few months, but we've been dealing with variations on this thing for years, so at this point it is not at all difficult to get rid of Windows Antivirus Helper and … [Read more...]

Windows Antivirus Booster

Anyone with eyes can tell that Windows Antivirus Booster is just a copy of Windows AntiBeach Helper, Windows Antivirus Tool, and countless other nearly identical fake antispyware programs that have come out over the last few years. If you have this program on your computer, you can be sure that it is fake, as are all the warnings, scans, alerts you're probably seeing right about now. The bad guys … [Read more...]

Windows AntiBreach Helper


Windows AntiBreach Helper is a misleading program created by the guys behind stuff like Windows Antivirus Tool and Windows AntiBreach Suite. These programs are all the same: they show a bunch of fake warnings, alerts, and scans in order to convince you your PC is teeming with viruses, and then they ask you for money to clean your hard drive. The catch is that the programs don't actually do … [Read more...] Adware

sweet-page-com is a useless, spammy search engine that exists just to serve ads to hapless web users. The site itself is not the problem, though. The problem is the browser-hijacking virus that redirects people to the site. It's a malicious piece of software that can damage your PC in several ways and make your computer almost unusable. If you find that your browser keeps ending up at … [Read more...]

Windows Antivirus Tool


Windows Antivirus Tool is a badware infection designed to emulate an actual Windows security program in order to trick clueless PC users into paying for fake software. It is basically just a renamed and repackaged version of earlier programs like Windows Antivirus Suite and Windows AntiBreach Suite. Like those programs, its purpose is to spread quickly through the web and scam as many people as … [Read more...]

Windows Antivirus Suite

Windows Antivirus Suite is another release from the badware family behind recent programs like Windows AntiBreach Suite and Windows Efficiency Kit. In fact, all these programs are just the same piece of crappy software released over and over under slightly different names. The main thing you should know about Windows Antivirus Suite is that it is a completely fake program. It has no ability to … [Read more...]



SaveLots is an adware program that's been getting bundled with a lot of free software downloads available from various places around the web. SaveLots is not an extremely serious malware threat, but it is a nuisance at least, and there is no good reason for you to keep it on your computer, unless you like having your browser spammed up with a lot of useless ads and noisy popups. In other words, … [Read more...]

Windows AntiBreach Suite


Windows AntiBreach Suite is another piece of fake antispyware from the vast family that includes other programs such as Windows AntiBreach Tool and Windows Ultimate Booster. All these things are basically the same utterly useless program released under an endless series of different names. If you've never gotten one of these things before, welcome to the club. Most of us have been there. The … [Read more...] Popups

pcfilehelp-com is a malicious website associated with several fake antispyware programs that have been making the rounds over the last couple of months. As of now, the domain does not appear to be active, but it is still listed in popups shown by many of these popups. One of the most common of these popups reads, Update your Drivers NOW!!! Increase your PCs efficiency Today! Approved for … [Read more...]