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Faster, PC! Clean! Clean! is about getting your computer racing again, with tips and tweaks and free badware removal instructions. FasterPCCleanClean.com isn’t a blog just for techies — we offer simple tips to tweak your PC’s speed, including how to remove badware with free instructions and recommended software.

Founded in 2006 by Kristopher Dukes, Kristopher’s goal is to make FasterPCCleanClean.com a resource for every computer user. “FasterPCCleanClean.com isn’t about overwhelming you with techy details,” says Kristopher. “I hope every reader leaves Faster, PC! with a cleaner, faster PC.”

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meAfter years of toiling away in college writing workshops while also being the unofficial tech support guru among her friends, Anne decided to combine her talents to write about internet security.

Originally from the Rocky Mountains, she now lives with her husband and cats in Brooklyn, where she spends her days researching and blogging about travel, wine, and spyware.


gravatar John is a freelance writer based in Brooklyn, New York. While he writes on a variety of subjects, his long-term love-hate relationship with all things Microsoft provides endless inspiration for topics relating to fixes, tweaks, and basic maintenance of Windows and Windows-based computers.

He believes an operating system should provide security while enhancing productivity, and that Windows can excel at this—with a little help.


gravatarMegan’s a recovering perfectionist, with a passion for teaching. When her PC caught a bug, she spent the rest of the night learning how to fight the badware and get her computer back to flawless. Now, when Megan’s not learning and sharing all she can to keep computers perfectly badware-free, she also blogs about teaching at Tandem Teaching.