“cashU Team: Restore Your account” email

Phishing emails

Threat Level:  is a threat

 screenshot “cashU Team: Restore Your account” email is a classic phishing email. tells you your cashU account needs to be restored, and links to a scam webpage that tries to trick you into giving con artists your cashU login info.

If you accidentally log into the site links to, you’ll give con artists access to your bank account and a chance to steal your personal identity. If you’ve logged into any sites that links to, alert your bank and credit card companies. You might need to close your accounts.

Whenever you see an email like , never click any links. If you’re concerned the email might be real, type your bank’s website address into a fresh browser window, and login from there.

Let me show you how to block .

Block sites:



email reads:

From: info@cashu.com
Subject: cashU Team: Restore Your account.

Hello and Welcome to cashU,

We look forward to service you with the best online payment solution on the internet and hope we will live up to your expectations.

Now all you have to Restore your account: http://www.cashu.com and login using the Username and Password above.

On login your cashU Payment account will be instantly activated and you will be asked to fill in your profile details.
We also suggest you change your password.
If you need any further information please refer to our FAQs, or contact us at info@cashU.com

-Always ensure that you are on http://www.cashu.com before entering your Username and Password
-Keep your Password in a safe place and never give it out to anyone!
-Please always send your questions or problems to info@cashu.com
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