Search Assist


Search Assist is an adware program that has been bundled with a variety of free downloads available from various sources around the web. It is not malware in the strictest sense, in that it doesn't take over your computer or do any obviously destructive things, but it is a nuisance, and the fact that it is so difficult to get rid of does almost push it into malware territory. When Search Assist … [Read more...]

Windows AntiBreach Tool


Windows AntiBreach Tool is yet another fake antispyware program in the vast family of identical programs released under a few dozen different names over the past several weeks. If you're not familiar with this sort of thing, all you really need to know is that it's a scam, and you shouldn't give this program your money. Of course, that doesn't get the program off your computer, which can be a … [Read more...]

Windows Efficiency Kit


Windows Efficiency Kit is a cleverly constructed scam by the people behind such junk programs as Windows Antivirus Master and Windows Paramount Protection. It's made to look like an actual Windows program, and it shows a bunch of fake warnings and alerts designed to scare you into thinking your computer is infected so that you'll pay for the "full version" of the program. Of course, there is no … [Read more...]

Live Support popups


Live Support popups, as pictured here, appear on PCs that have the LiveSupport adware installed. This adware is commonly bundled with free downloads available from various places around the web, and it often comes with other malware, such as fake antispyware programs. The exact text on the LiveSupport popups changes regularly, as does the number that it urges you to call for help. Needless to … [Read more...] Browser Hijacker


The search engine is associated with a family of adware programs that are distributed along with a variety of shady software downloads found all over the web. If your browser keeps taking you to this website, it is a sure sign your PC is infected with this adware, which is bad news for lots of reasons. Not only will this adware continually redirect your browser to, … [Read more...] Browser Hijacker

trovigo-com is a useless search engine associated with a common browser hijacker virus. When you get this virus, it burrows deep into your PC and takes hold, making it very difficult for you to get rid of it without corrupting important system files. Once installed, it messes with several of your settings. Most obviously, it redirects your browser to the homepage. looks … [Read more...]

Windows Antivirus Master


Is your PC suddenly showing a lot of frightening-looking popups, warnings, and scans, mostly regarding various viruses and spyware supposedly on your computer? If these things are accompanied by a Windows Antivirus Master window, then I've got bad news: You have a nasty piece of fake antispyware on your computer. Windows Antivirus Master is part of an absolutely gigantic family of nearly … [Read more...]

Windows Paramount Protection

Anyone who's ever been swindled by a shady salesperson can understand what Windows Paramount Protection is all about. To put it simply, it's an utterly useless, malicious piece of badware dressed up to look like the sort of security program that people actually want to by. Don't make that mistake, because the crooks behind this program will gladly take your money, and you'll never see it … [Read more...]

Windows Ultimate Booster


Windows Ultimate Booster is part of a vast family of fake antispyware programs going back years. They are all basically the same program released under a series of different names. Every time the Windows security program and sites like this catch wind of a the latest phony program that is making the rounds, the crooks behind this stuff just change the name and release it all over again. If you … [Read more...]

Windows Safety Master


Windows Safety Master is an old friend of ours. The same piece of malware junk has been released under different names hundreds of times over the years, and the software has never had a single redeeming quality. If you have it on your computer, it means your PC has been attacked and has a pretty serious infection. Windows Safety Master affects Windows computers the same way these programs … [Read more...]