Sinergia cleaner


If you ever had a mechanic who claimed to find a bunch of nonexistent problems in your car so he could charge you an arm and a leg to "fix" them, then you should have no trouble understanding how Sinergia cleaner works. This phony antispyware program, one of a large family of similar pests, exists for no other reason than to scam you by reporting nonexistent problems on your PC and offering to fix … [Read more...]

Vista Smart Defender Pro

Vista Smart Defender Pro is part of a large new family of fake antispyware programs designed to scare innocent Windows users into paying for software that doesn't work. If you're seeing lots of popups and alerts on your PC and some of the windows are called Vista Smart Defender Pro, that's a clear sign that your computer has been infected with this junk. Getting rid of Vista Smart Defender Pro … [Read more...]

24/7 PC Guard


24/7 PC Guard is a new type of fake antisypware program that is a little more difficult to remove than the usual junk like Win 7 Smart Defender Pro and Security Defender. The crooks behind this program are like all the others in that they want free money, but they also seem interested in just wreaking havoc on people's computers. It's not too fun to deal with. 24/7 PC Guard gets around the web … [Read more...]

Windows Essentials Pro 2013


Everything about the design of Windows Essentials Pro 2013---a new fake antispyware program---is calculated to make people think that it is a legitimate, Microsoft-endorsed security program with useful features. Of course, as you can probably tell, it's nothing of the sort. It's just another phony program made to scam people like you and me out of our hard-earned money. As soon as this program … [Read more...]

System Care Antivirus

System Care Antivirus is part of a never-ending series of fake antispyware programs that all offer slight variations on the hot pink design and the faux-frightening alerts and warnings. You don't have to be a computer genius to see that System Care Antivirus and its brethren are fake, but that doesn't make them any easier to remove. System Care Antivirus gets around the internet through phony … [Read more...]

AVASoft Antivirus Professional


Anyone who has had to deal with AVASoft Antivirus Professional knows that it is anything but professional. The program is a fake, and it doesn't even do a good job of hiding this fact. From the start, it bombards you with a lot of obnoxious popups that go beyond anything a legitimate program would do, and when it starts asking for your credit card information, any reasonably intelligent person … [Read more...]

Win 7 Smart Defender Pro

If you have Windows and don't run any sort of security program, you're bound to get an infection like Win 7 Smart Defender Pro sooner or later. The people behind fake antispyware like this program have gotten pretty darn good at spreading their products around, and even smart PC users are vulnerable to this junk. So if you have this pest on your computer, don't feel too bad. It happens. Still, … [Read more...]

FBI Cybercrime Division ransomware


Having your computer taking over by an ugly-looking FBI CyberCrime Division popup can be pretty frightening if you take it at face value, but fortunately this thing is just a fairly uncreative malware scam and has no real connection to the FBI. If you have this thing on your computer, you are not in any trouble, and the FBI is not actually controlling your computer. It is worrying that this … [Read more...]

Disk Antivirus Professional


Disk Antivirus Professional is not really an antivirus program, and it's certainly not professional. At best, it's a well-put-together scam, but even that is questionable because it is essentially a clone of a few dozen identical scams that have come before. These crooks are stuck in the mid-2000s with their tactics, but I guess they wouldn't keep releasing this junk if it didn't bring in a … [Read more...]

Security Defender


The program pictured here is actually not the first fake antispyware called Security Defender---it seems to be a popular name among the people who make this junk---but it is the nastiest one to date. According to the reports, it essentially takes over your entire system, prevents you from using your browser, and attempts to browbeat you into handing over your credit card information. Of course, … [Read more...]